Happy Birthday!

This is a big Happy Birthday to an entity near and dear to all of our hearts. One year ago, we brought boomer online. It has been running without fault ever since. Boomer provides web, mail, chat, database, and other services to over 30 users, handling 5000+ mail messages daily, on a 1.6gig AMD Sempron with 512meg of RAM and a pair of mirrored 80gig drives.
(In reality, it was brought online in September or thereabouts of 2005, but a power-nudge caused a reboot one year ago. It’s been up ever since)
20:09:11 up 365 days, 3:28, 20 users, load average: 0.11, 0.30, 0.34
Yay stable, long running, dependable Linux boxes!

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