Is this what addiction is like?

Yesterday I went out and played volleyball.
Once I drove a half hour to play with a lunchtime group out in Westborough. That was good, and got some excellent 3-on-3 on a sand court.
Then, after picking up my son at camp at 6pm, and having dinner with Cat, I wanted to swing by and verify a rumor I had heard about a pickup game that happens Mondays and Wednesdays in Framingham.
Sure enough, I found it, where 13 or so folks were in a casual pickup game. I stopped, Zach hung out in the van while I played a quick game with them, then drove home, arriving a little later than I had wanted to, but feeling nicely worked out.
If I wanted to, I now know of pickup and quasi-league level play 6 days a week, in fact, could even play twice a day, once during lunch and once in the evening.
Maybe I need professional help.

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3 thoughts on “Is this what addiction is like?

  1. Yes, you should definitely seek professional help.
    For a limited time, I am offering basic volleyball skills training, cheap! Take advantage now!

  2. He did indeed. He’s gotten totally addicted to listening to XM radio. When he’s alone (volleyball rarely has other kids his age around), he likes to sit and listen to the radio and play with his legos in the van.
    I think part of it is this happens after 9 hours at summer camp. He’s a little tuckered out.

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