It’s the little things

There’s something deeply satisfying when the number of messages in my inbox drops below one screenful. The disappearing scrollbar on the right side says to me “Congratulations! You’ve accomplished something!”

True victory happens when I get down to single digits, but that event should be heralded by fanfare and balloons, it happens so rarely.

In case you were curious about how much mail flows through my account daily, here’s my catchall report. Of this, probably 80% is mailing list traffic that’s foisted into various folders by procmail. The rest is In My Box, baybee.

Breakdown by day: (3459 posts, average of 494.1 posts per day.)
Jul 26 | Jul 25 | Jul 24 | Jul 23 | Jul 22 | Jul 21 | Jul 20
672  |   669  |   649  |   547  |   216  |   207  |   499

(This report is from Mailwatch, a tool I wrote about 12 years ago to monitor mailing list traffic and generate reports.)

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