Pats and Pans

In one of the “making community work” bits of reading I’ve done, I read about a process for group meetings called ‘Pats and Pans’. The idea is when everyone gets together for some form of communal meeting (be it “house meeting” or “gardening club” or whatever), folks go around and say one good thing (a ‘pat’), and one thing that irked them (a ‘pan’). It would balance out the interaction so there was appreciation and criticism going on in balance.

In that spirit, I give you my pats and pans for the last week or so…

  • Pat – Thanks for an awesomely wonderful short-ish trip up to Maine to hang with friends and boat and play and splash and just unwind.
  • Pan – I need to be more careful about my camera, because I think I deleted a bunch of Mosaic pictures I hadn’t uploaded yet.
  • Pat – Some groovy – cool functionality for the work project was coded yesterday and checked in and seems to be working!
  • Pan – My ‘boss’ is not answering some important mail I need his input on. Grr.
  • Pat – I have a fantastic array of machines and tools to do my job(s).
  • Pan – I have a huge list of quirks that are bugging me incessantly about each and every one of them. Why can’t machines just plain Work?
  • Pat – Roommate is organizing a yard sale for this weekend! Yay!
  • Pan – I should have spent last night hauling things out of the basement and tagging them for the sale, but I didn’t. I did have a cool Eve mining session though 8)
  • Pat – I continue to be awed and amazed at the wonderous work going into Mosaic by everyone in the project. Go us!
  • Pan – I wish the entire mortgage industry would NOT have chosen the year two dozen of my good friends need to do major financial rearranging. Really. Bad timing folks.
  • Pat – On Sunday, I helped a friend install a wood laminate floor in the house they’re prepping for resale. I love power tools!
  • Pan – The kids we hired to mow our lawn never showed up. (Interestingly enough, our neighbor hired the same kids, and the kids didn’t show up there either).

All in all, pretty balanced out. Can’t complain too much.


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