Looking for a poster? Or maybe an album cover?

Back in high school I remember an image of a full size sailing vessel – a galleon or the like (we’re talking old school wooden round hull), but it was up on ice runners, and was zipping along on the ice, rather than in water.

It might have been part of the black light poster set, as so well catered to by Spencers or the like, or maybe it was an album cover?  Does anyone remember this image, or better yet, have a pointer to it? <a href=”http://images.google.com/”>images.google.com</a> is not helping me.

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6 thoughts on “Looking for a poster? Or maybe an album cover?

  1. All the images of ‘icerigger’ I’m seeing online are of a modern spaceship on the ice. The image I’m remembering is an old wooden hull type ship, moving away from the ‘perspective’.
    I could just be envisioning something in my head, but I swore I remember it from the 1980-timeframe when I was in high school.

  2. Icerigger was the first book in that series; most covers just showed the downed spaceship. The book cover with the sailing ship was the sequel titled “Mission to Moulokin” or something similar.

  3. In addition to Icerigger, that puts me in mind of the cover of Michael Moorcock’s The Silver Warriors (aka Phoenix in Obsidian) that I read from the library way back when.

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