It’s 8AM, and you are…listening…

… to rain.
This week has me down in New Jersey visiting my client. These visits are invariably very productive, very tiring, and very important in maintaining an even keel and a steady course on the work that’s being done. (I blame the rain for all the nautical references. Hopefully it doesn’t carry over into my drive to the office). The visit is pretty much a repeat of the other times I’ve been here. The seasons just keep changing, so sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s snowing, today, it’s rain.
One thing that has struck me is that I’m actually commuting to work. Up in the morning, do my morning stuff, pack up, drive to the office, do that stuff, then drive back to the hotel. It’s a short commute, only about 9 miles (I keep saying I’ll bike to the office some day, but haven’t yet), but it’s far more of a commute than I have when I’m at home. I’m still not sure about which one is better for me in the long run, but the variation lets me have perspective on it.
In a year, there’ll be a whole new living situation, so it’s not like we’re in a long term situation with the commute. There’s change-a-comin.


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