The Spam, it burns!

Just in case you were curious about the levels of spam I have to deal with daily. I have a filter running on my inbox that tracks how much mail I get each day, how much of that is list traffic, and how much of it is spam. Each night, the program (which is available here) generates a report that lets me see how things have been going.
I have many spam defenses running on boomer, and it does an admirable job of filtering out the spam. This week I’ve noticed a fair amount of the 3 line plain text spam getting through to me (which Thunderbird does catch). This spam is notoriously hard to filter due to it’s simplicity. I was sort of curious how much spam actually -was- getting caught.
Here’s my last 7 days of total mail I’m receiving:

Breakdown by day: (17606 posts, average of 2515.1 posts per day.)
Feb 10 | Feb  9 | Feb  8 | Feb  7 | Feb  6 | Feb  5 | Feb  4
1983  |   1619  |   2636  |   2878  |   3020  |   2985  |   2485

That is the total mail received addressed to me on perhaps half a dozen domains. They all funnel to the same mailbox. How much of that is spam? Lets look:

Breakdown by day: (12676 posts, average of 1810.9 posts per day.)
Feb 10 | Feb  9 | Feb  8 | Feb  7 | Feb  6 | Feb  5 | Feb  4
1656  |   1216  |   1918  |   1990  |   2135  |   2101  |   1660

An average of 1810 spams received each day. By one mailbox.
The spam report is showing ‘caught spam’. I get very few false positives (mail caught as spam and misfiled), so I have my filters set fairly liberal. Thunderbird is probably catching another 200 spam messages a day. The rest of my mail is list traffic (I’m on a dozen or so mailing lists). And what’s left? Legitimate mail, probably 25 messages a day.
One out of every hundred messages I receive, only one is something I need to pay immediate attention to.
Email is broken. It’s time to look at a radical paradigm change. I’ll be posting some more about this as I move ahead, but I constantly worry about situations where important mail may be missed, and it’s become abundantly clear that the current email situation has to change in order for net communication via electronic mail is to continue being a viable medium.


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3 thoughts on “The Spam, it burns!

  1. I didn’t realize until I checked my Boomer spam trap the other day just how much it was filtering out. No false positives either, that I could find. A fair amount gets through, but like you I use Thunderbird as a second line of defense.
    So consider this a note of appreciation from a satisfied customer.

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