A snack marketed DIRECTLY at ME!

Someone at General Mills totally got this one right. I found these on the shelf while shopping for Arisia this year. “Protein, salty, AND sweet. And I LOVE peanuts!”
Lemme tell ya, they’re awesome. Tasty, not too crunchy, not too squooshy, and salty and sweet. Mmmmmmmm. If they had come to me and said “Design a granola bar. What would you want it to taste like?” – this comes pretty durned close.
And, while we’re pushing products, I’d like to just point out the massive LURV I have for my new Bose Companion 3 speakers. Bose has a reputation for doing mighty elegant designs, and under IMG_3473.JPGnormal circumstances I wouldn’t be able to afford their gear, but with an in, it becomes more manageable.
I replaced my old set of dying 3-ways with this system, and ZOMG are they schweet. I guess my only real complaint is the speakers are mounted on 5″ pedestals, which makes it somewhat difficult to work space around on a crowded desk.
I think I ended up with a reasonable desk compromise though, and I sure can’t complain about the sound. Note the above desktop picture is after a massive cleanup and rearranging, my desk is not normally this antiseptic, though I aspire to Star-Trek like geek spartanness some day.
Tasty salty sweet snacks, really good sound, and a clean workspace. Now all I need to do is get some work done, oh look! Day’s over! Later all!


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5 thoughts on “A snack marketed DIRECTLY at ME!

  1. I picked up a box of these during my last trip to BJ’s in Danvers. I happened to have a “buy one get one free” coupon for the boxes of Trail Mix and Sweet & Salty Nut, so I picked up a box of each. My wife is fond of the Trail Mix ones, and I had never heard of these other ones.
    The box sat unopened on top of my kitchen cabinets for about a couple weeks until I randomly decided to try them one night. Man was I surprised. I was expecting it to be some semi-flavorless cardboard-like bar of mediocrity. Instead it was definitely sweet, salty, and actually tasted like peanuts. A friend of mine tried one and described it as “like chocolate, without actually being chocolate”. I’m glad I got me a big BJ’s sized box of them. They’re so good, I’ve barely touched the 5 pound bag of peanuts sitting next to my desk.

  2. @billg
    I’m under very few allusions that this is actually ‘healthy’. It’s better than snickers bars, that’s for sure, but I’ll suck down corn syrup and peanuts over pure sugar anyday. 🙂

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