Dear Jboss. QA yer damned site.

Why is it so hard for any organization, from opensource on up, to understand it’s a good idea to give the users information they want, in a form that’s useable?
I zipped over to to see if there was an update to the 4.2 server I’ve been using for the last year. Sure enough, there’s a 4.2.2 release that came out in October. Great, I wonder what changed?
Well, the downloads page has the new release on it, and a link to the release notes. Which, you’ll note, is completely illegible because the lines are not wrapping. (I tested this in Firefox under Linux and Windows, Konqueror, and under IE6 in Windows. None of them make that page useable.)
Was it so hard for the JBoss release engineer to click on links and check if they worked? Apparently that capacity is beyond them. Sad.


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4 thoughts on “Dear Jboss. QA yer damned site.

  1. Nono. You have this all wrong.
    It’s YOUR fault for not having an infinitely wide plane of perception with which to read the documentation.

  2. Select all, paste into emacs and read? This kind of problem is easy enough to solve that I’m not actually that bothered when it happens to me.

  3. I’ll bet you it worked just fine on the browser he was using on the specific machine he was using.
    This problem irritates me, too. When I had some influence over what was going on a certain web page, I used to add “can this be viewed in lynx?” as a requirement.
    This annoyed the people who had put together the stuff that involved flash and looked great when you had a very new machine and a crapload of bandwith, but the people who didn’t have new machines or much bandwith (who were about 80% of the site’s actual users) were very happy with the results.

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