Another step toward moving

The time is fast approaching. In about 6 months, we’ll be moving to Mosaic Commons. I’m having a hard time coming to grips with the reality of the situation, after 8 years of working on the project. But the buildings are growing on the site before our eyes, and folks are making plans.
Even though we sold our house 3 years ago, Cat and I have plenty to do before we move. While not nearly as dramatic and inspiring as the work Diana and John have been doing, we have our own challenges, and before any move, there’s a period of Cruft-Disposing that has to happen.
I’m starting down that road now.
IMG_4170.JPGOne of the first projects has been to do something about my CD collection. I picked up these CD cases almost 12 years ago, and filled them pretty much to capacity before I stopped my headlong pursuit of More and More CD’s. In recent years, I’ve ripped the ones I really listen to onto a hard drive, and I rarely pull the cd’s off the shelf anymore. I don’t want to get rid of them, but they do take up a lot of space.
Enter CD binders! A couple good Googling sessions, and I found a set a 424 CD storage binder. If I use one sleeve for the CD and one for the CD insert, two of these binders would hold my whole collection.
The binders arrived, and Zach and I settled into unshelving the CD’s, sorting them alphabetically, then loading them into the binders. It took about 4 nights total, but the end result is reducing the footprint from 3 4.5′ tall shelves down to a pair of binders that can be stored easily.
IMG_4178.JPGThe black cases hold everything easily, and I’ve left room for all the various spots I have cd’s tucked away in the house. I’m sure when we move, I’ll find another half dozen CD wallets that will round out all the empty cases I found during the project.
Of course, this now means I have some CD shelving to give away (cat not included). Anyone want them?


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