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4 thoughts on “Who is responsible?

  1. well, in my case, it would be that for the most part, i much prefer MSC industrial supply: (www.mscdirect.com). I’ll use McMaster every couple of years, in the rare case that MSC cant supply me with what i’m looking for, and McMaster can. MSC was willing to deal with me as an individual on open-account net-30 terms, things ordered from them get there next-day, and they send me discount flyers monthly and hill happily send you a copy of their ginormous catalog every year, something which McMaster just wouldn’t do for a lowly hobbyist like me.

  2. Interesitng. I haven’t actually ordered anything from McMaster yet – but I probably will in the next few days (they have a series of structural pipe clamps that I need for a project)
    Interestingly, mscdirect.com also appears to be down right now. Sad! I’ll try again later.

  3. McMaster-Carr has been mentioned more than once on “that mailing list” as well as techno-fandom. It must be nice to have a life. 🙂
    Also, I found out that they use keystone at Texas A&M. Very cool.

  4. @Matt – Texas A&M is one of the few remaining large sites, in fact. I’ve talked to them off and on over the years, they’ve hacked up the codebase quite a bit (they’re running a version that’s quite a bit distant from my current version).

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