Failure to Read

Failure to Read

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I think this’ll be my contribution to the FAIL blog.

Caught this while at a gas station up in Maine. This woman decided it was a good time to have a smoke, and supposed that right in front of the propane storage rack was the PERFECT place to light up.

She orbited within 6′ of that rack for a good 10 minutes.


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5 thoughts on “Failure to Read

  1. i suppose she was at least away from the gas pumps?
    do me a favor, next time don’t get close enough to take a picture, ok?

  2. I had a fight with a bitter young thing who was smoking and leaving her engine running at the gas station while filling up. I told her to knock that stuff off. She told me that she worked at a gas station and she did it “all the time”. I didn’t back down, and eventually she stopped both activities.
    It did make me wonder where that place as, so I can NEVER GO THERE.

  3. Metahacker: eep! If it ever happens again, tell her you personally know of a case where the attendant blew up the gas station and missed a year of high school. It was my father, and yeah, he gave up cigarettes after that. :/
    Dave: did you think about calling over to call it to her attention? (I imagine you didn’t want to go close enough … can’t say I blame you.)

  4. @elle
    Yah, I did consider bringing it up with her, but considering her kids were in the car next to her, and her husband did NOT look like the type who would take kindly to me criticizing his wife.

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