It’s Sysadmin Appreciation Day!

boomer!Hey kids, it’s Sysadmin Appreciation Day! Go out and give your admin a hug, a smooch, and buy ’em lunch!
I have mad appreciation to all my co-administrators working on the Greater Homeport Server Cluster. We have a lot of users, a lot of sites, and do a lot of good stuff. Because of the purely volunteer hard work done by these people, we have happy users, stable hosting, and very very few outages.
Super-duper mad props to…
Dwight Ernest – owner of ‘msb’ and ‘msb2’ – he helps keep our network glowing.
Mort – he of the ever-patient Movable Type hackery and general “No problem, I’ll take care of that” approach to stuff.
Tim Pierce – a former demigod of Usenet, now good friend and one of the first in the line of fire when Stuff Breaks. I, sir, salute you.
The Greater Homeport Servers can’t function without help from all the community members. I want to also send thanks to others who have done a ton of help with technical and content related stuff…
Lisa Holsberg – while not technically a sysadmin, Lisa is our primary Movable Type geek, and we wouldn’t be able to run our blogs without her help.
Catya Belfer-Shevett – When I first set up Drupal for Arisia, Cat jumped in and is now a Mad Drupal Goddess.
Luwenth – Luw owns the machine(s) that function as Homeport’s secondary DNS servers out in California, and has jumped in and helped several times when we’ve had Issues. Thank you!
Nathan Mehl – I’ve known Nathan for many years, and have an enormous amount of respect for him. Right now, Nathan runs a machine that helps keep our IRC network stable. Thank you!


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8 thoughts on “It’s Sysadmin Appreciation Day!

  1. Thanks to all of you for your hard work!
    It amuses me that you guys do this on the side, and homeport functions a lot better than places with large professional staffs do.

  2. As long as I get to pick which sysadmin. The ones at work are mostly hopeless, or saddled with impossibly hopeless systems. My personal sysadmin is also my spouse so such a reward seems eminently suitable.
    Especially since zir’s reaction to my being on bedrest is “Guess it’s time to buy you that new laptop we’ve been talking about.” And then executes within two days.

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