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So this week I’m faced with a situation I haven’t had in front of me in, well, as long as I’ve been married… at least as long as I’ve had kids in my life.
This week Cat is up in Maine with Zach. I have my normal work going on during the day, but no commitments for the evenings.
A unique opportunity to be sure.
The Plan [tm]
So here’s what I’m going to do. A few months ago I started work on a complete rewrite of CONGO. The rewrite is underway, and has been getting attention fairly regularly over the last couple weeks, but I need to make the final push to an alpha release.
This week, I will dedicate 2 hours a night every night to continuing work on CONGO v2, with the goal of reaching an alpha-testable version by the end of the week. I will also make a post each night with an idea of where my progress is on the rewrite, and what I’ve accomplished. (I do reserve the right to post the next morning if I’m up until Oh-Dark-Thirty coding and fall asleep in the middle of writing an exception handler.)
Anyone wishing to follow the riveting details of my work, I subscribe to the Commit Early, Commit Often philosophy of source code control, so when I’m working, you’ll see commits firing off pretty quickly. If this sounds interesting, you can sign onto the mailing list, or, if you’re uber-hip, subscribe to the RSS feed.
Yeah? So? Why us?
So why bombard ya’ll with my chattering? Well, I work better with encouragement, or if I know folks care about what I’m doing. Curious about bits of CONGO? Ask! Wanna help out? Give a “wow, kick butt, dude. Go for it” comment or two.
Hopefully I’ll have some work to show for tonight, but if not, stay tuned for truly exciting blow by blow Java coding!


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4 thoughts on “A WeekBlog – A Post a Day – CONGOv2

  1. I syndicated the RSS feed to LJ a while ago (as congo_dev).
    Go you! It’s nice to see things come together to give you the project time you’ve been looking for. And from what you showed me at the party, it looks like a pretty kick-ass project so far!

  2. @phi
    Thanks! I didn’t know about the RSS feed into LJ 🙂 that’s fascinating. I wonder how many folks actually subscribe to it?
    I hope to have an alpha version running on boomer by next weekend so folks can start telling me all the things wrong with it! 🙂

  3. The idea of a (CVS (or SVN, etc.) check-in message -> Twitter) bridge is kind of interesting. It reminds me a bit of a 37signals’ product, which they used internally before deploying, where you essentially twitted whatever you were working on as you started work on it, and your workgroup members could keep peripheral awareness of you that way.

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