Weekblog: Day 3 – Baby steps!

Another night of hax0ring, with not as much progress as I’d like, again. This time though it was mostly distraction as opposed to actual problems getting in the way. I did finish up the DAO for the Notes, and note creation and updating is working correctly. I’m having a little problem with auto-populating the TIMESTAMP columns, but I’ll figure that out. I’m just glad Struts is playing nice with the DAO and Doing The Right Thing [tm]

Oddly, I’m sort of daunted by the next steps, which are going to really start impacting the workflow in CONGO – making direct changes to how Notes are handled, how registrations are managed, and how history is kept. Up until now, things have been pretty much duplicating functionality (or at least adding to existing limited functionality). But I’m looking at rewriting the Registration page and how history and status are being kept. This is at the core of how CONGO works – the very reason that, with something like 50,000 registrations having been run through the software since it’s first rollout, we haven’t corrupted a single table, or ended up with a mysterious situation where a users status is wrong or lost in a way that was not easily determined.

I’ll get past this, I know, but it still makes me nervous.

On the “face of the future’ front, though, we have the emerging view of what the database will look like. This first image is the old view of CONGO’s tables. No foreign keys whatsoever, that means only programmatically enforced referential integrity.

Here’s what my working v2 table structure looks like. I’ve only been working with address contacts and notes so far, as well as conference master data, but it’s all starting to tie together as it should. By the way, these images are generated via dbVisualizer, an awesome generic SQL database tool that has a free mode that’s extremely useful (and includes ERD diagrams like this 🙂

Bit by bit, I’m moving forward.

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