And so ends our busiest month.

So here we are on November 1st (I could tell it was a new month because of all the Mailman notices in my inbox this morning).
But there’s another reason this is an important milestone.
Whenever I make a change to CONGO, I submit it into our SVN repository. That submission generates a mail message letting other interested parties know a change has been made, and they should update their local copies.
My philosophy, and one that is the ‘unwritten rule’ for SVN usage is “Commit Early, Commit Often. The idea is that the repository should reflect the most recent version of working code, and avoids the “I have had such and such code checked out for months, and you went and changed the repository on me! Now I can’t merge my code in!” problem.
Because my pattern really hasn’t changed, I can use my commit timing to judge how busy I’ve been on a project.
Last month, October, 2008, was the busiest, and therefore (arguably) the most productive month of coding on CONGO since the project started. The congo-dev mailing list statistics show that during October there were 119 commits against he repository. The previous ‘record’ month was December, 2004.
Virtually all of this work is reflected int he progress being made in Congo V2, and I would be remiss in not giving thanks to Owen Jacobson’s help in porting Congo to a Struts / Spring model – his commits are in there too.
V2 is coming along. I’ll have something to show soon!


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