Misc ramblings, just have to get them out there.

  • KDE4 – Not Ready
    KDE4 is so not ready for prime time. Or maybe it’s whatever version is currently bundled with Hardy. Ick ick ick. Not stable, unuseable, bleah.

  • Struts2 – So far so good
    I’m getting into the proper mindset to go “Make that, wire it up, go.” in S2. I’m missing a good powerful JPA layer though – too late to roll Hibernate into v2.0, but I so see it in the future.

  • Laptop battery, not so good
    clipper has a dying battery. After 3.5 years, I’m not surprised, but it is sad. I’m only getting 15-20 minutes out of it now, the question is replace the battery or the laptop and the battery. Decisions decisions.

  • Scratch is still cool
    Zach is still totally emfatuated with Scratch. I watched him ‘program’ for a bit today, and he clicks and moves components around with the best of them. He even figured out how to get it to generate an error and pop up a diagnostic window (“Cool, huh? What is that?” “That’s smalltalk.” “Neat!”), etc. Ahh, my little hacker.

  • Work kicks my ass
    Tech Barbie says “Work is hard!”. It is – it’s taking up a huge portion of my brain and focus, which is something I’m not used to. I finish the day drained and wrung out, but still force myself to get code done for Congo before falling over for the night.

  • Hudson is cool
    We have a hudson install going on one our servers. It’s doing continuous integration builds and deployments. FAR better than the hacked up scripts of yor. Need a new build? *click* Build in progress!

  • Perl made tolerable
    I’m still stuck with working on perl sometimes. But if I have to go total immersion, I’ll likely use EPIC. It’s a Perl IDE plugin for Eclipse, and actually seems to work. Very tasty.

Nuff rambling. Back to the grindstone.


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