Modernized Maxims

From a conversation on IRC today:

“Never underestimate the bandwidth of a backpack full of USB thumb drives and a bike messenger.” -Nathan Mehl

This arose after I remarked that copying files to a pen drive and walking it over to the server is a faster way of moving a couple gig of data than uploading it over the wire.


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3 thoughts on “Modernized Maxims

  1. As usual, the latency and set-up/tear-down costs kind of kill throughput.
    And data integrity is proportionate to the skill of the rider. P-:

  2. My networking teacher at Cleveland State University in 1990 was telling us a story about designing a communication system for backing up some data and he said:
    “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.”
    Obviously, there is some common ancestor…..

  3. @justin – we were, in fact, referring to that original phrase. I remember it as “… bandwidth of a station wagon full of magtapes.”

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