Yearly BOINC Reminder

About once a year I toss out a reminder that I have a BOINC team actively chewing away on a variety of projects (SETI@Home, Rosetta, Folding, ClimatePrediction, etc).

Out of 78,000 teams worldwide, we are currently at position 1197 – at our best, we were at 662. I’m guessing a lot of this has been attrition. People replace computers, and don’t restart the client, or shut it down for various reasons.

I’ve recently restarted my processes, and also added a couple machines from my work pool. The new machines have definately shown a spike in average credit being reported into BOINC, but I could use a couple more CPU’s online!

If you have some spare machines, or desktops with screensavers, please consider joining my BOINC team and putting those machines to good use. The projects that BOINC works with are all for good causes – cancer research, global climate predication, searches for aliens. Cmon!


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One thought on “Yearly BOINC Reminder

  1. Two reasons I’ve slipped on this:
    – I’ve chosen to be green, so I don’t leave my desktops on anymore when I’m not using them.
    – The clients run up the CPU on my laptops, which heats them up, so I don’t run the clients on my laptops anymore, either.

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