A beautiful view, a grumpy situation.

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Today I made an unexpected trip up to our Maine house after a friend of ours (who has an all season house just down-lake from us) let us know he saw some damage 2 of our sheds.

When I got there, I found all 3 of our outbuildings had been broken into sometime, I’m guessing, in the last month or so. It looks like the only thing that was stolen was a toolbox from the tool shed, but the damage to the door of the shed will require replacing the door (and frame). Blah!

At one point working around the house I turned around and saw this view out across the lake, so I had to take a picture. It’s on my iphone, so what I could do with the image was limited, but it’s a beautiful view of the frozen lake and the ice on the trees.


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5 thoughts on “A beautiful view, a grumpy situation.

  1. @sah – yah, i’m pleased with what I got – a full frame would have gotten more detail about the way light was coming off the trees across the lake – it was almost like theatrical lighting. But I’m happy I got at least this!

  2. It’s a gorgeous view either way. So sorry to hear about the damage to the outbuildings, but the neighbor is a good soul for reporting it.
    Life lesson: when traveling to the country, take the good camera.

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