The Move. T-Minus 10 days – Disassembly of Interlude begins.

In less than 10 days, Cat and Zach and I will be moving to Mosaic. It’s an intense time for all of us, and what with me being down with the crud and life continuing apace, taking no notice of our challenges, things have become a little… chaotic.

InterludeUnlike some of my friends, I’ve moved only twice in the last, gosh, 13 years. Once into Homeport, and then from there to our current abode, called Interlude. Interlude was supposed to be a weigh station between homeport and Mosaic, but it lasted longer than we anticipated (almost 4 years). They were good years though, with our awesome roommate Beth and a cast of thousands (well, okay, 3 cats over that time, plus one dog and one fish). We had some great music nights, great gaming socials, and a few outstanding parties.

Now it’s time to pull up stakes and move again. This time to a far greater project than anything else I’ve ever been involved in. There’s a lot of unknowns ahead. I’ve never lived in cohousing. I know all the families I’ll be living near – some families have already had our children growing up together – but what will the community be like when we move from seeing each other on weekends and constantly sending email – to actually living right next door? Will we survive?

Of course we will, but I just don’t know what it’ll be like.

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