Lonesome Lake Hut

Another lovely weekend hiking in the white mountains.  This time we went up to Lonesome Lake Hut, which is located just south and west of Cannon Mountain.  The hike up Cascade Brook Trail on Saturday was magnificent – some of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve seen in ages (If you hike this, don’t forget to visit the Basin at the beginning of the trail!).

I also decided to take along a small point and shoot camera I had – a GE A1050.  It’s a 10MP, 5x optical zoom, lightweight camera, about 6 years old, but had the win of never needing to be recharged, was small enough to fit in my backpack waist pocket, and was very light.  The shots I got were pretty good.  I wasn’t worried about it getting wet or having to make a huge effort to haul it out to take some pics.  This one’ll stay with me.

(I did have the sticker-shock moment this morning of going “Hmm, what are new modern point and shoots going for?”.  Short answer?  OMG TOO MUCH. $800-ish.  Think I’ll stick with this little guy for a while.)



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