Really Awesome drone racing day.

USDRA July 2015 Race Day 15
Had a great time on Sunday at the USDRA Race event. Flew my batteries dry (and flew several other folks’ batteries as well). No serious crashes (though we did break an astonishing number of props. This pic is the ‘cup o shame’. All the broken props 🙂

We’re definitely doing it again.

I did come away with some changes / updates / stuff I want to do different next time.

  • I need more batteries. 2 1800’s and a 1300 are not enough to get a good day of racing. Some of the other pilots were carrying at least 10 batteries.
  • My ‘loss of signal’ beeper needs to be in dependable working order. It works for low battery, but not for “Start beeping right now so I can find you”
  • My Mobius camera is on the fritz. I’ve tried reloading firmware, reflashing, reformatting the card… I’ll try a few more times, then I may order a replacement.
  • I tried a higher resolution set of goggles. The picture was definitely an improvement, but I’m not sure it’s $500 worth of improvement. Better to get a new groundstation antenna to get clear video.

Looking forward to the next event!


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