Sunday Organizing Time

I’ve always been something of a pack rat.  Before I moved to a small house, I’d have crates and boxes and shelves full of things I’d probably never use, but was cool to have on hand.  Old computers, video games, all that stuff.

2015-07-12 15.46.12Now I live in a small house, with very little storage space, and I’ve had to be a lot more frugal with what I keep around.  But, keeping active with electronics projects, drone stuff, and the like, I’m down to ‘things I need to have on hand to get stuff done’. That ended up beign stuff stored in my downstairs bathroom, on wall mounted shelving. Unfortunately, these shelves were getting cluttered and ugly, so Something Had To Be Done.

An emergency run to Five Below netted 6 rigid cloth storage boxes and 6 metal half-bins. Perfect! I cleaned out the old shelving, threw away a bunch of things I’d never need (Why did I have 30 or so ethernet patch cords and ungodly numbers of Mini USB cables?), and sorted what was left into useful categories. Photography, power supplies (I have tons of these), etc.

And, I have lots of spare space now! Next step will be painting and finishing the rest of the bathroom, now that it’s not such a clutter haven.


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