After 22 Years, I Have a Chin

This week is shutdown at work, so I’m technically on vacation. My wife and I have had several conversations about me shaving off my beard. It’s literally been 22 years since I had a cleanshaven face, I honestly wasn’t sure what I looked like – maybe vacation is a time to explore something new?

Welp, two days ago I took the plunge and shaved. It feels weird, and actually being able to feel air on my chin is pretty bizarre. I don’t think I’ll stick with this in the long run. Partly I’m just too lazy to keep shaved, but the bigger reason is I like my fuzzy face, and the cleanshaven look just doesn’t feel like me.

Many folks have said I look a lot like my dad… not so sure about that, but either way, it’s been a nice experience seeing my real face for once.


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3 thoughts on “After 22 Years, I Have a Chin

  1. Something like 12 years ago , Mark shaved his beard off. It was a heavy pollen season, he thought shaving it off might help with his allergies to keep the pollen from his face. The girls both burst into tears when they saw it, couldn’t deal with Daddy not looking like Daddy.

    1. My dad did the same when i was about 11. I didn’t start crying, but it was very disconcerting. For me this week, Zach thought it looked awesome, and Aidan was just “whoah.”

  2. Weird. I just shaved mine, on 7/4, after about ten years. Kids weren’t too happy, but they seem to be adjusting.

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