I found my pants!

Ha, suddenly thought you were reading Ben’s Livejournal, weren’t you? Neener!
For some reason my favorite pair of sweatpants has gone missing for the last month or so. Since I’m working from home a lot of the time now, the requirement for business dress is lowered a bunch. Nothing like dropping the morning commute from an hour and a half to 15 seconds!
Anyway, my sweatpants seem to have returned from some bizarre nether region, and I am happily re-comfied. (Actually, once my friend and I made up the theory that this is exactly what Saturns rings are made out of. When you lose something you just had, it’s actually warped out to Saturn for a little bit, then will zip back and appear under your chair or behind the door or something like that. This works for pencils, books, carkeys, and lost pants apparently).