Firefox 0.9.1 released!

Well, with the 0.9.1 point release, I decided it was finally time to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox. Unfortunately the Debian testing environment hasn’t updated to 0.9 at all yet, so I needed to download and install 0.9.1 into my home directory. I’m pleased! I went from 0.8 to 0.9.1, and it importedRead More


… nothing like coming home from a great weekend camping with the family to a couple dozen Blog Spam entries in the blog here. I’ve blacklisted the dorks site now, so he/she/it won’t be able to make any more referrals to his sex-with-horses site (i’m not kidding) but I would have preferred to have somethingRead More

Dad’s day.

Well, huh, today was father’s day. I had actually completely forgotten about it until Zach came charging in with the perennial fathers day gift (a mug with his picture on it, we have one from every year so far). That was sweet. Had a lovely brunch with Cat’s mom, Ben, and Zach, then Zach andRead More

Brain… hurts!

Last night Rosa and I sat down to finally watch Memento. Now I had not seen this particular gem yet, but Rosa had, so she kept quiet on the details. To me this came out in the same series of ‘movies with a secret’ mystery / thriller films, like “Sixth Sense” and “Fight Club” theRead More

Review : Kobo Deluxe

It’s rare that I get totally addicted to a game under Linux. I mean, the environment isn’t really conducive to totally immersive gaming. Back in my Windows days I’d have a serious game every week or two I’d play pretty constantly until I either beat it or got tired of it. Since I’ve gone totallyRead More

How can people use IE?

This is a rant. How can Microsoft possibly market a browser as ABYSMAL as Internet Explorer? Aside from stomping on standards left and right, and putting out plain old BROKEN implementations, ths browser is a menace to every system. I have to run it on the Win2k box to test things I’m running for aRead More

Mmm, first real bike ride

Today after I dropped Zach off at school, I hied over to Bedford to hop on the Minuteman Bikeway This is one of the longer bike trails in the Boston area, and stretches 11 miles from Bedford into Alewife. From there, there’s an extension that wiggles its way across Somerville, ending up in Davis Square.Read More

Hanging out up in Maine.

Having a nice relaxing weekend up in Maine, which is always good for the soul. Course, would’nt be escape time unless I had some toys to play with. This weekend it’s games on the laptop. Course, I’m running Linux, so that really cuts daown what’s available. One of the things I’ve been noodling with forRead More

My Wishful Want for Connectivity

So I’m going to ask the Body Geek Politic here, because frankly I’m out of the loop on this technology. I’m doing enough mobile work on my IBM Thinkpad T23 that I think it’s time to consider wireless service options. I’ve signed up for an account with T-Mobile for wireless access in the various StarbucksRead More

Rant about Popcap Games

Remember Popcap Games? They wrote these really wicky cool games like Bejeweled and Rocket Mania and Alchemy and all those other nifty things. One bit I liked was that all their games were in web-enabled form, so I could try things online before buying or downloading. The downloadable versions were just Java VM apps, whichRead More

Baby’s First Trebuchet – fixed!

Well silly me. I had this spiffy link on Planet Geek’s home page to Baby’s First Trebuchet ages ago, but when I moved Stonekeep’s site over to the new format, the old directory disappeared. It’s fixed now, and at some point I should work on the next generation of that thing, but it was funRead More