Cyclic Tuesdays

Criminy, what a day. Yay – I received notification that another event is going to sign with me. Boo – A very rough series of conversations emotion-wise, still not really resolved. Yay – An investor has re-opened negotiations, with luck we’ll sign papers on Thursday to back my business’ expansion. Boo – A fiber cableRead More

Mm, online comics.

(the hero, Torg, talking to a freshy-aquired talking demon-killing sword)… “Sword, can you kill a demon lord?” “With you wielding me? I think the odds are best described as ‘yikes!’” From Sluggy Freelance

Fright shipping company?

I need to ship a bunch of equipment all over the country in the next 6 months, going to a couple different places. I need a pointer to a shipping company that’s dependable and has good rates (or experiences from folks who have done this). Total weight is around 300lbs, probably in 5-6 shipping cases.Read More

One more nail in IE’s coffin

As reported on Slashdot, PC Magazine reviews Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 and Opera 7.51, noting: ‘Security concerns aren’t the only reason to seek an alternative [to Internet Explorer]. IE’s slow rendering engine and dearth of privacy features may plant the thought in some iconoclastic minds that it may not be the best browser for everyone.’ 4Read More

Today’s bike ride

This weekend Zach and I have been up in Maine with Tim, Morgan and Quinn. Cat was up until this morning, but left early for some social stuff at home. Today Zach and I went on a great ride, that had us going all the way around our lake. About 1/3rd of that is onRead More

Geek Confessional

I, dbs, admit, here and for all to see, that when coding on my huge 21″ Nokia monitor, at the screaming resolution of 1400×1050, I zoom my KVim editor window up to full screen, hiding everything else under a vast expanse of 8pt font.

Loopy website du jour.

I try to keep up on websites that publish regular columns or articles that help shine the light of reason into the cold dark void of societal logic. Two in particular are favorites. The first of course is, which I’m sure -everyone- who reads my blog knows about, has bookmarked, and visit every fewRead More

“Well, at least he beat out hitler.”

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – President Bush (news – web sites) is disliked by more Hungarian secondary school children than former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein (news – web sites) and Osama bin Laden (news – web sites), according to an opinion poll published on Wednesday. Bush also topped the list of most-liked foreigners with eight percent ofRead More

snapshot of a moment in the life of a geek…

*typitytype, clickytype, click click type…,* *RadioParadise playing in the background* *click typeitytype* *pause* “Hmm” *more pause, music continues, sound of me thinking* “Gosh, i wish Evolution‘s calendar had a quicker way to go to ‘today’ than clicking the [-> Go to…] button, and clicking ‘today’, that wo… hey… there’s another button on the toolbar, looksRead More

Go Bush! You’ve bankrupted us!

Apparently the administration has, in the space of 3 years, made it flat out impossible to balance the budget. In fact, the GOP has succeeded in making their very own ideology unworkable. A deep rift in the Republican Party has left Congress unable to pass a budget this year, raising the probability that, for theRead More

The view around the block

In her Livejournal, Lyonesse mentions that John Kerry has chosen a slogan, ‘Let America be America Again’ by Langston Hughes. I read through this poem, and it is quite intense, but only if read in the view Kerry wants it portrayed in: “This is about all that GW Bush has taken away from America”. Moving,Read More

An amazing story…

At Intuit, I worked with a great guy named Brian Kane. About a week ago, he had a minor heart attack, and has had to have surgery. He’s posting his story on his blog now about what happened. It’s an amazing read.

You’ve got spam!

I wonder if it’s some sign that my blog has gotten more popular that it’s getting more and more blog spam. Today I logged in to find 88 spam postings into various n sundry articles advertising a series of porn sites. Yee hah. I finally updated my copy of MT-Blacklist, a tool designed to stopRead More

Chatting with the Other Side

I try to keep a wide perspective on the world, and I’m finding that with the current heated political environment, it pays to see what The Other Side is saying. Being honest with myself, I’d categorize myself as a moderate liberal. I don’t fall into the neat categories that most would ascribe to ‘liberal democrat’.Read More