Who is that guy?

If you met these two people on the street, would you be able to tell them apart? My sister did a great post about my dad on veterans day. As part of it, she dug up an old picture of him in his uniform (she says ‘Navy’, I thought he was in the coast guardRead More

Review: Cubis

Game: Cubis Language: Java Category: Puzzle Tested on: Debian Linux + Firefox Rating: 4 out of 5 Offered by: Yahoo Games (link) Cubis is not a new game. I ran across it a year or two ago while trying to find games for my mom’s Mac, noted it was a Java game, and decided toRead More

Review: Jewel Quest

Language: Java Category: Puzzle Tested on: Debian Linux + Firefox Rating: 2 out of 5 Offered by: Yahoo Games (link) The world is full of gem-matching games. Since Popcap did their screamingly successful Bejeweled game lo these many years ago, zillions of folks have written similar “make 3 more of these thingies in a row”Read More

Platform customized Google home pages

This morning saw the release of Firefox 1.0, a grand day for browsers everywhere. While I haven’t installed it yet myself (I’m still running PR1), we have been chatting about it online. Firefox has as its default homepage “http://www.google.com/firefox” which in fact, brings up a modified Google search page that looks like Firefox’s default theme.Read More

Danger! Danger!

According to Astraware, a new version of the extremely addictive game “Bejeweled” is due for release in December. Dubbed Bejeweled 2, the feature set is rumored to include: Explosive new pieces: Power Gems, Hyper Cubes and Time Bombs Stunning special effects Awe-inspiring planetary backdrops Four ways to play: Classic, Action, Puzzle and Endless Five secretRead More

New MovableType version

This weekend blog goddess Lisa spent a couple hours and upgraded the blogging software that drives Planet Geek and my business site Stonekeep Consulting. It was a bit of a rocky upgrade, but tonight everything is up and running properly. A HUGE thanks to her and all the work put in. Yay! One sideline… MovableTypeRead More

XM Radio

I just got back from running registration at a customers event down in Washington, DC. Jonah generously agreed to be my second, as well as let us use his truck for hauling the equipment to and from the event. One of the nifty toys he has installed in the car is an XM Radio SkyFIRead More

Your order has been shipped: (#011-412-1515)

From: Order Notification (orders@TheMan.com) To: unsuspecting populace (minions@unwashedmasses.com) Subject: Your order has shipped (#011-412-1515) (fwd) Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 11:50:38 -0500 Greetings from The Great American Experiment. We thought you’d like to know that we shipped this portion of your order separately to give you quicker service. You won’t be charged any extra shippingRead More

Depressed? Go see Keef!

I’m totally putting the current election nightmare out of my mind and getting on with my life. We survived the last 4 years, we’ll survive the next 4. I did however get some very good news in my mail this morning. Keith Knight, the artist behind the K Chronicles, is going to be in Boston!Read More