What’s wrong with a moving target release mechanism?

Recently, Slashdot posted an article</a discussing some grumbling in the Debian community that the release cycle for the platform should be quicker. Debian's system is split into several releases – stable, testing, unstable, etc. The 'stable' 'release' hasn't been snapshotted as a 'release' in several years, and therefore is running some fairly out of dateRead More

How to Destroy the Earth

I saw this referred to in pumpkin_pi‘s livejournal (talking in reference to some folks who think they may have actually created an atomic sized black hole) Anyway, enjoy this detailed page on how to destroy the earth.

Snapshot of a coder’s brain while working…

Setting: headphones on, listening to Radio Paradise. The entire office is now empty, boss has left with a ‘lock up’ tossed back over his shoulder. Said programmer is locked in a deep conversation with ‘hunter’, the laptop, which is at the moment doing many things, one of which is attempting to run a small programRead More

Dayblogging Ubercon – Day 1

Today we start our bi-annual Ubercon event. We’re up to Ubercon V, so I guess we’re an institution now, eh? We’re just getting ready to go start setup, reg opens at 2:30, and I have some small code changes and database updates to complete, so we’re off to see the.. er… hotel event manager. I’llRead More

Mmm, GL Rendering

Gosh, what a difference. I’ve been wanting to do more game playing on my Linux laptop, but I’ve been stymied with trying to get the video system in it up to par. Today I went over the last roadblocks. For the truly geeky, I have DRM working on the Radeon Mobility 9000 chipset in myRead More

Turnkey Home PBX System

This is so cool. We have a PBX here at Homeport, but it’s a very old hybrid digital/analog system that works ‘okay’, but the handsets are rapidly falling apart, and it really just needs to be trashed. I’ve been watching The Asterisk Project for quite a while – it being an opensource linux based PBXRead More

Ubercon – March 11-13th!

One of the fun things about my business is I get to go to cool conventions. One of my oldest customers is UberCon, a gaming convention held twice a year in the Meadowlands, NJ. A weekend long gaming experience, they have board games, RPG, LARP, and LAN events running all weekend, 24×7. Everything from walk-upRead More

Slowly I learn… Step by step…

I’m learning again. I mean, really learning stuff. Working with the folks down in NJ and learning things that I really want to learn. Things that not only make it easier for me to represent my ideas to my temporary employers, but also make me more marketable and give me a broader base. In theRead More

My political chart…

This will come as a surprise to no one: You scored as Democrat.  Democrat 75% Socialist 75% Anarchism 75% Green 67% Communism 67% Fascism 33% Nazi 25% Republican 8% What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?created with QuizFarm.com