Check out RadioParadise! I had contributed to RP during their recent fund drive, and our name was picked out! (the paypal account is under Cat’s name, so that’s why it says Catya). Spiffy keano new toy on it’s way!

Cedega isn’t there yet.

I’m a gamer. I admit it. I love gaming, I love playing games on the computer, I love getting into a good game for hours on end. Great escapism. My most recent interest is playing Evil Genius, which I first played at Ubercon about a year ago. This isn’t a new game, and it’s notRead More

I can feel my mind going, Dave…

My Mom’s new Mini-Mac arrived last week, and this morning I set it up to test it out, get the updates onto it, and start transferring her files over to it. “Well, maybe I’ll play around with it a little bit.” Plugged into my nice 1280×1024 LCD monitor, running at 1.25gighz, 512meg, for $550. AppleRead More