Tech suggestions for a KVM switch?

I posted this to a local tech-chat list, but let me also throw it out to the wider blog world…
I just moved to a Belkin desktop video switch to switch between my
Thinkpad running Linux (my primary work machine), and my Windows XP box
(my game machine).
I’ve noticed an immediate signal degredaton – my monitor is not nearly
as clear as it was. The LCD to switch cable is about 3′, and the switch
to laptop cable is about 5′ long. I suspect these cables are he
culprit, and I’m going to order shorter VGA cables, but would like the
collective wisdom of TF to comment. Before I get new cables, is this a
good step?
Also, I’m noticing the Belkin is dropping keystrokes pretty regularly –
I can’t 100% pin this on the switch but it wasn’t happening before I put
the switch in. Has anyne else seen this?
I’d be willing to invest in a hig end vide switch (particularly one that
could take more than2 channels – this model i an F1DZ102T : ) if I was guaranteed now
gettin video signal loss when everythng was hooked up.
Any help would be appreciated 🙂

Dave Shevett


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