When Apple Screws It Up

One of my quasi-joyous tasks in life is bring front-line tech support for my Mom. Fortunately, she’s been a Mac user ever since there was such a thing as a Macintosh (yes, we spent $4k on one of the original 128k Macs. Copying a SINGLE floppy disk on that machine required 4 disk swaps. AndRead More

We made it.

The move is basically complete. 99% of the activity happened yesterday, in one of the longest and most exhausting moves I’ve done (granted, I haven’t moved in 8 years, so maybe I forgot what it was like). Cat was up around 5:30, and I was up by 8… we worked all day long, with theRead More

Declaration of Repudiation

I sat down and read the Declaration of Independence document that Adam Shostack posted on Emergent Chaos. It’s a fascinating document, and I don’t believe I’ve ever read it straight through beginning to end. Along those lines, Will Frank has created the Declaration of Repudiation, which summarizes, ala the Declaration of Independence, the injustices performedRead More

It’s not fair…

… when on the last day of a week of intensive packing, cleaning and throwing out of stuff, we get the remnants of a tropical storm coming through, dumping a ton of rain on us. This causes one of our gutters / deflectors on the roof to overflow, and dump water into the house. TheRead More

The long walk.

This is pretty interesting. A 400lb man was tired of the way he felt, looked, and was living, so he decided to walk from California to the East Coast. His site has a daily blog of everything going on in this walk. It’s pretty fascinating reading.

‘claimit’ updated.

I threw together a tool last year to help with big giveaways on Freecycle-like mailing lists like Craigslist and, on a far smaller scale, Greaterboston-Reuse. The problem was dealing with large lists of things, and who gets what, and if stuff is still available or not, and the inevitable long exchanges of emails about whereRead More

If there is…

… a more magnificent piece of music than Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, played in it’s entirety, I don’t know what it is. XM Radio Classics did a wonderful 1/2 hour introduction / lecture on the piece before hand, and then presented the entire symphony, on period instruments, beginning to end. I ended up driving past theRead More

dbVisualizer 4.3 released

One of the finest general purpose database access tools, dbVisualizer has been updated to version 4.3. A full release announcement including new features is available on Minq Software’s website. I’ve been using dbVisualizer for the last year or two for accessing MySQL, Oracle, and Hypersonic database instances. It’s cross-platform functionality, rich user interface, and excellentRead More