We made it.

The move is basically complete. 99% of the activity happened yesterday, in one of the longest and most exhausting moves I’ve done (granted, I haven’t moved in 8 years, so maybe I forgot what it was like).
Cat was up around 5:30, and I was up by 8… we worked all day long, with the big moving truck leaving the Natick house at 9:15pm at night. We did one full 25′ truck load, and then had to make a second run for some of the large furniture left over.
All in all, it was exhausting, wearing, and a little sad, but I’m glad it’s primarily done. We have 3 weeks of cleaning, tidying, and other mishmash stuff still to do in the Bolton house, not to mention a complete unpack and re-construct in Natick.
Services in the new house aren’t totally up to snuff yet – we have cable modem service, but not all the computers are up on it yet. Folks waiting to hear from any of us, be patient, we’re very tired 🙂
Thanks to everyone who showed up to help – I’ll itemize thanks shortly, for fear that I’ll leave someone out if I try to remember everyone now.


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4 thoughts on “We made it.

  1. Congrats on what sounds like a reasonably painless move (at least it doesn’t sound like there were any huge problems). Sorry I couldn’t trek up to lend a hand. Weren’t you moving to Natick when I originally met you? =)

  2. That was quite the move. Hope you guys are taking it easier today.
    (Yes, it was a big move. Moving from Natick to Bolton was pretty big too. More adults back then, but, of course, between then and now, you’ve had 8 years to accumulate stuff – including the boy, and all his stuff. 🙂

  3. Weren’t you moving to Natick when I originally met you?
    Yegods, was that then? *thinkthinkthink* I think we were moving into Newton then, or we were moving out of the Newton house and to Natick?
    That was was hardly a ‘meet’ though. Just ‘Who is that cute chick with Nathan?’ and fwoosh, that was it 🙂

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