What is up with Garison Keillor?

Apparently the extremely liberal and well spoken host of Prairie Home Companion is suing a blogger for making a parody t-shirt. The blogger tried to make simple amends with the lawyer, saying this is a ridiculous lawsuit, but Mr Keillor apparently wants to pursue legal action against this guy. Does this make ANY sense? primark

Day 1 with an iPod Nano

For my birthday, my sister bought me a 2gig iPod Nano, the latest offering in the iPod line from Apple. I’ve never owned an iPod, and in fact haven’t really purchased anything directly from Apple for myself in perhaps 10 years. I’ve avoided them because I disagree with many of their business practices, but youRead More

Java vs Linux.

I need to slap in Java 1.5 aka Java5 aka… well, whatever the marketing weenies are using today on our colocated box. Because it’s… well… colocated, I naturally don’t have an console there. So I decide to run the installer anyway… root@boomer:~/storage# ./jdk-1_5_0_04-nb-4_1-linux.bin InstallShield Wizard Initializing InstallShield Wizard… Preparing Java(tm) Virtual Machine… The installer isRead More

Katrina Peoplefinder Project

Many folks have seen this elsewhere, but just in case. I spent an hour or two last night doing data entry on the Katrina Peoplefinder Project. If you have some spare time, this is a great way (beyond financial donations), to help out people trying to find relatives and friends in the area. The nutshellRead More

Nifty tool

I was hunting around for a tool that would let me do hierarchial diagrams, and auto-arrange them for me, doing path analysis along the way. I had used GraphViz before, and while the end result was okay, it was totally a batch-driven application. Build the data file, feed it into the tool, it generated aRead More