Carl and Phil – Monkey Ninjas!

Okay, okay, I admit it. I like going to Chuck E. Cheeses with Zach on occasion. It helps that there’s an open access point nearby. I get to geek on the laptop, Zach gets to play skee ball and run around in the hamster tubes.
I chanced to catch site of a video on their ubiquitous monitors. A very silly and somehwat simplistic animated piece called “Carl and Phil – Monkey Ninjas!. It was silly enough for me to remember to look it up when I got home.
Well worth watching a couple of these.


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3 thoughts on “Carl and Phil – Monkey Ninjas!

  1. you are wierd and stupid we saw you at chucky cheeses last night. and tell your friend the cook scares me. and im older you need a makeover and a life astead of hanging out with little kids and being gay like you are with chucky the dog and the cook

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