The Fake Dr. Pepper Collection

This is just too funny. A fellow has, in full and complete detail, documented all the Dr. Pepper clones he could find. Sample cans and pictures and taste-tests and everything.
As a long time Dr Pepper fan, I was shocked to hear that he ranked Mr. Pibb (the most popular Dr Pepper clone) only 2 out of 5 pepper points. It’s one of the few that is regularly on tap around here in the northeast.
Anyway, check out


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4 thoughts on “The Fake Dr. Pepper Collection

  1. I’m amused.
    He correctly gave Dr. Becker (the all-natural knockoff at O’Natural’s) a 1/2 can for resemblance to the original. (I don’t agree that it tastes “horrible”, but it is awfully sweet and has very little Dr. Pepper flavor.)

  2. It’s kinda cool, but it’s also kinda wrong…
    While from a marketing standpoint, those drinks were supposed to compete with Dr. Pepper, they’re really not. Heck, I *love* Dr. Wells, but I can’t compare it to Dr. Pepper. It’s like comparing Fresca to Mountain Dew.
    And while I’m not to fond of Mr. Pibb, it’s not a bad soda.
    Feh. Darn fanatics. 🙂

  3. I’m in Dallas for work this week and my god, they have Dr. Pepper everywhere! They even have diet Dr. Pepper (which I switched to about a year ago) in a lot of places!

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