Vintage Trailer Restoration

Talk about fun. This fellow has taken a 1948 Sportsman trailer, torn it down to its component parts, rebuilt it, redesigned it, and built it back up again into a beautiful camper. Talk about a wonderful project. I’ve had dreams of doing similar, perhaps with a sailboat though, but this his photo-log of all theRead More

The Editor Wars… continue!

There’s always a sort of tongue-in-cheek banter between boosters of Emacs (aka ‘The One True Editor’), and ‘vi’, the old workhorse that it is. Note that ‘vi’ has pretty much been replaced by ‘vim’ (aka ‘Vi – Improved!’), as the old version hadn’t really been updated in 15+ years. One of the weapons in thisRead More

Shameless plug

The website for the band I play in, Deluded Blues has been revamped. We’re looking for gigs! If you have an event you’d like us to play at, drop us a line! We do a mix of blues and classic rock (edging toward blues – Clapton, CCR, Joe Cocker, etc).!

Consumer watch alert! Unscrupulous dealers are trying to foist unofficial Mini Cooper lookalikes on an uninformed public! If you’re considering purchasing a new or used Mini, it’s important to review this site to make sure you don’t fall victim to this scam! Thanks to Adam and mort for the pointer.

Mobile once again

This afternoon marks the end of my forced detachment from mobile computing. After a brief stay at the local IBM warranty repair center, hunter, my trusty T40 laptop, is back in my hands and working properly. I had gone about a month and a half dealing with keyboard problems that INCLUDED a keyboard replacement (didn’tRead More

XChat for Windows

There’s hardly a more contentious subject among the geek crew than “What IRC client is best?” I suppose “Which Linux distribution is best” may eclipse it, and lets not even talk about ‘What’s the best editor?’. But the IRC client argument certainly ranks up there. Recently my trusty laptop ‘hunter‘ went in to the localRead More