Video about SVS-like School

This is a GREAT video posted on YouTube – it’s part of a documentary about the Fairhaven School in Maryland. Fairhaven is a Sudbury Valley-like school, which is where my son Zach goes. This video covers all aspects of the school, interviewing students and showing what life is like in a environment democratically run byRead More


P4280040.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon. I do like taking walks. After a morning helping out family members, I spent almost 2 hours in the woods near Bolton, MA on the conservation trails. Toward the end the sun was beginning to go down, and the trail crossed this stream. I don’t think I’d ever been onRead More


Gosh, it seemed like a good idea. I have a Bluetooth phone (sort of, the Treo 650 is… not the best bluetooth platform out there). I have a Bluetooth enabled laptop. I listen to music on my laptop via headphones all the time. And the laptop has a microphone. Bluetooth phones support remote ‘hands free’Read More

The Continued Improvement of KDE

The Continued Improvement of KDE I’ve written before about the fairly detailed advances that have been occurring in the KDE desktop environment. This past week I got a chance to test out a few more, and for me the environment gets better and better with each passing week. USB Device Support One could argue thisRead More

Oh to have an EE clue.

My expertise in geekythings is limited to what I can do in the software of a system. Given a fully built linux box, I can run just about any program, write anything, do what I want with it. Bend it to my will as my whim directs. But once outside that box, interfacing with theRead More

When it rains it pours.

I think it’s a sign of the apocalypse. In the space of about 15 minutes, I not only smoked a video board (no, didn’t toke it up… it literally started smouldering while installed in the machine. The fan bearing had failed on the cooler), not only crashed said XP box right in the middle ofRead More

The Cyclists Haggadah

(As written by Evan Parks of NYC on The Cycling Forum : All who are in need of spring training, come and ride with us. All who are hungry, come and partake of our carbohydrate-laden treats. [The bottle of cytomax is held up and the blessing is recited:] Blessed are You, our G-d, Universal RulingRead More

New Toy!

Well, I think this means I’ve finally gone overboard. Ever since I’ve been playing ‘seriously’ with the band and actually going out and -gigging-, I’ve had to knuckle under and come to the realization that yes. I am a musician. In fact, I’m a bass player. I play a lovely Fender J-bass electric guitar IRead More

GeekState 1.1

After a week of whining about things broken and whys, this has been a day or two of resolution and fixing, so lets put some positive things down on the Geekscale… MythTV The MythTV box has been resurrected. Thanks to the joy that is KnoppMyth, and the foresight to put all my ‘file storage’ (music,Read More