It’s the little things

There’s something deeply satisfying when the number of messages in my inbox drops below one screenful. The disappearing scrollbar on the right side says to me “Congratulations! You’ve accomplished something!” True victory happens when I get down to single digits, but that event should be heralded by fanfare and balloons, it happens so rarely. InRead More

Vacation or Fandango, you decide!

I’m back home now after a week-long absence from home and hearth, part for business, part for pleasure. So rather than go on for pages about various things seen, eaten, or visited, here’s a Harpers-esque rundown… GMAPS Miles covered: 1140 by gmaps Odometer miles: 1290 Hours driving: 23 Average fuel mileage: 15.8mpg Estimated gallons ofRead More

Calorie Counting

So while I’m out on the road, I try to keep myself reasonably in shape. At home, I have volleyball and the like to keep me active, but in a hotel room in Princeton, NJ? Not so good. Fortunately, I can bring my bicycle with me, and I’ve worked out a schedule where I canRead More

Darwinia Mini-Review

I haven’t been doing much reviewing lately, but I thought I’d point a couple of the folks who keep whining about the lack of Linux games to the fine work at Introversion Software. I just completed the demo for Darwinia, a sort of ‘Populous meets TRON’ game. Darwinia is very much a ‘god game’ inRead More