Movies Movies Movies!

I have a post about Ubercon brewing, but until that’s ready to come off the burner, lets talk about movies for a few minutes. I Love ’em. This will come as a surprise to no one, but still I must go on. While at the MIT Flea market last Sunday, I picked up another bagRead More

Okay okay okay.

Fine. Ya’ll can stop tempting me further. Rock band is mighty cool. I’ve been avoiding it. I totally loved DDR, not only for the plain fun of the game, but it gave me a workout! Double bonus. In the last 24 hours I’ve played about 2 hours of Rock Band, and I gotta admit, drummingRead More

In lieu of actual content…

IMG_4575.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon This past weekend was a whirlwind of seder travelling, gaming nights, MIT flea markets, and geocachings. Coming back to the house Sunday evening, absolutely exhausted and wanting nothing more than to fall into bed, I saw these buds on the trees outside, and a beautiful sunset going on. The cameraRead More

Go go gadget Greylisting!

Our spam levels here at Chez Geek are, shall we say, astronomical. About a year ago, we installed and configured SQLGrey, a tool for Postfix that enables Greylisting on inbound mail. Initially, it had a great impact, but somewhere along the lines, our configuration got modified in a way that stopped the greylist from working.Read More

Alas Windjammer Cruises

Back around, oh, 1996? Something like that, Cat and I took our first trip to the British Virgin Islands to spend a week aboard the Flying Cloud, a 207ft Barque (3 masts, square rigged on the first mast). It was a delightful trip, and our first time in the BVI’s. We were hooked. We’d endRead More

Goings on

A couple quick What’s Going On updates… April 20th – MIT Flea Market As part of the great cleanout, I’ll be hauling a vanload of gear to the MIT Fleamarket on Sunday, along with a couple other cohousing friends. This is not a ‘for profit’ sell-off. I’m getting RID of stuff. A quarter for thatRead More

Coconut gets a facelift

Ever since I first wrote Coconut, the web interface to CONGO, I’ve been using the same stylesheet. It was really my first foray into stylesheet-driven design and layout, and while it was a good first try, it was ugly as sin. Last night I finally sat down to rewrite the stylesheet into something reasonably attractive.Read More


IMG_4330.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon Everyone is prepping for their move to Mosaic in their own way. Having worked with groups of friends many times on big projects, it always seems at the end that you end up holding a hammer going “Okay, whose is this?” If we’re all living in the same place, we’reRead More