Okay okay okay.

Fine. Ya’ll can stop tempting me further.
Rock band is mighty cool.
I’ve been avoiding it. I totally loved DDR, not only for the plain fun of the game, but it gave me a workout! Double bonus.
In the last 24 hours I’ve played about 2 hours of Rock Band, and I gotta admit, drumming is a lot of fun. Not as aerobic as DDR, but certainly not couch potato material.
Course, a full setup would cost a couple hundred bucks I don’t have, so I don’t see picking up in the near future, but, er, if folks are playing, er, lemme know? 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Okay okay okay.

  1. Oh, you will know when it’s on, Dave. You will damn sure know.
    Brian, Ben, Christy and I had a damn fine night of rocking last night — we collectively cleared one million points on some song which I can’t even remember right now. And we did an 11-track setlist of songs from the 90s, during which I had to play drums the entire as I’m the only who’s worked up to Hard on drums, and we were forced to play that set on Hard. Damn fun stuff, that.
    Glad you’ve come aboard. 🙂

  2. Well, I just went another round. I’m playing drums and bass (duh) a lot – oddly, i’m clicking into the bass without too much trouble at all. I think it’s just what I’m used to listening to when playing.
    Drumming is HARD! if I didn’t have to deal with the kicker, I’d be just grand. But that foot action is tough. I’m a solid Medium in drumming now, I’ll keep practicing 🙂
    Who is singing?

  3. The other three (other two when Ben’s not around) rotate out singing. I don’t sing. 🙂
    The kick pedal is definitely the hardest part about drumming — getting to where your foot moves independently of what your hands are doing is a real bitch. I’m getting there, but it’s still tough.
    The guys who made the game say that if you can play the drums in the game on hard and expert, then you can play the real drums. I don’t think they’re far wrong.

  4. Well, i can see where experience on the RockBand drums would translate to ‘real’ drumming, and being able to do proper syncopation with 3 limbs is pretty good. What is missing are things like velocity sensititivty (hitting a tom hard in the middle is very different than hitting a tom lightly at the edge, etc), and of course there’s no high hat. So really, you’re down one entire limb here (I use my ‘unused’ foot to keep the drum kit from skitting away from me while playing 🙂
    I actually did a stint singing this weekend, and I’m reminded I’m not very good – but picking ‘More than a Feeling’ to sing was a very very poor choice. Homey don’t hit those high notes.
    So when are we playing? 🙂

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