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I have a post about Ubercon brewing, but until that’s ready to come off the burner, lets talk about movies for a few minutes.
I Love ’em.
This will come as a surprise to no one, but still I must go on. While at the MIT Flea market last Sunday, I picked up another bag load of DVD’s from Yet Another movie store closing down. At $3 each, it totally falls under my “never pay more than $10 for a movie” rule.
I updated my listing, sorted them onto the shelves, and added in 2 movies given to me as a gift from blk, and totalled things up. I’m over 315 DVD’s now, and my appetite is not yet sated! More! More! I’m still not satisfied!
What I hadn’t updated in a while was updating my wishlist, so taking some cues from Dumb Distractions (thanks crouchback), I filled out the list of movies I don’t have, but feel should be part of the collection.
I’m sure I’m missing some good ones. Whadya think? Any suggestions?
See the collection and wishlist here.

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5 thoughts on “Movies Movies Movies!

  1. any interest in old movies? i can’t pick out much pre1970s. 3 favourites of mine are: the Quiet Man, the Third Man, Gaslight…I could come up with more

  2. Old movies are great. I already have The Quiet Man (and watch it at least once a year). Third Man I don’t know at all, and Gaslight is an excellent suggestion. I’ll add it!

  3. FWIW – Seems we now have about 3k dvds – we enjoy nearly all the films made by FELLINI – we *very recently* viewed (and thoroughly enjoyed) “ILLUSIONIST,
    THE (2006)
    ,” “PI (1998),” “PRIMER (2004),” “PUZZLEHEAD (2005),” “SPACEMAN (1997)” and “WILD BLUE YONDER, THE (2005)” – Our ALL-TIME BEST FILMS at the moment include some of the oldies-but-goodies and are posted on the internet at:

  4. Sorry for the broken Amazon link in our recent post above – quess we coulda/shoulda used TinyUrl. Seemed completely ok on the Preview/Edit before posting though. Edit, *after* posting LJ Comments, would be nice of course. 🙂

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