Back in the Real World

I’m on my way back from camping this weekend. Sitting here in the Pittsburgh airport, it’s sort of odd having the trappings of modern society all around me again, having spent the last 4 days and three nights sleeping in a tent (on the ground, no air mattress), and hiking through knee-high grass several timesRead More

Gotta Love Americans

SUVsInAmerica Originally uploaded by eidolon Or maybe it’s just New Englanders. Shall we run down the list here? 1) Big ass SUV. 2) Parked as annoyingly as possible (I suppose they could have gone diagonal and covered 3 spots) 3) Bike rack that sticks a good 3.5 feet out into the lot (empty) Understanding thatRead More

Maine Fireworks!

IMG_5766.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon This past weekend I was up with the Fam in Maine doing our traditional July 4th joy. A lot of fun to be had – the weather cooperated (not too hot, not too cold), we got some good time on boats and ate gobs of food. Thursday night we wentRead More

Jumping the RSS train Again

About 3.5 years ago I changed my web surfing habits and went totally into “RSS Aggregator” mode. Initially I was using the Sage RSS reader, a Firefox plugin. It worked well, and with Google Browser Sync I was able to sync my views. Or so I thought. The syncing of my feeds never actually workedRead More