Gotta Love Americans


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Or maybe it’s just New Englanders.

Shall we run down the list here?

1) Big ass SUV.
2) Parked as annoyingly as possible (I suppose they could have gone diagonal and covered 3 spots)
3) Bike rack that sticks a good 3.5 feet out into the lot (empty)

Understanding that at one point I actually owned a Suburban just like this, I think I can safely say I at least had some clue how to park it.


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6 thoughts on “Gotta Love Americans

  1. I’m pretty sure my car will fit beside the driver’s side. Not sure they could get into their car afterwards, mind, but they were in my spot.

  2. Agree with 1 and 3. But 2 actually one might dispute. First of all, the lot seems rather empty, so why should one care. And more importantly, that sucker is so huge that if it were squeezed into one slot, the ones next to it would be almost unusable anyway, thereby blocking three slots! I have often chose not to try to park in a slot that’s next to such a monster because I was afraid my car would get hurt when they leave.

  3. Someone with an identical land yacht was parked the equivalent of that way in the parallel spaces at work last week, parked “correctly” but taking up at least 1.5 space lengths. As the only free space by the time I got in was behind this behoemth, I had to squeeze in, and in turn was forced to be way behind the line on the back of my own car.
    Looking out the window later in the day, the land yacht had set sail for deeper harbors, leaving his space empty and my space, because it was forced to park so far back, was in turn now forcing a whole row of cars to park several feet back from the spaces — making the driver of my car look like the idiot jerk.
    I may be an idiot & a jerk, but usually for better reasons than that…

  4. @Kai
    The picture is rather misleading – I had to go past that spot another 4 cars to find a space. The lot was not ‘full’, but this guy was definately buried close to the Panera I was headed to.

  5. @yummy
    That is outstanding. I’d be nervous touching soemoen’s vehicle though – taking a picture is already a bit edgy.
    But ooh the temptation.

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