Weekblog: Day 3 – Baby steps!

Another night of hax0ring, with not as much progress as I’d like, again. This time though it was mostly distraction as opposed to actual problems getting in the way. I did finish up the DAO for the Notes, and note creation and updating is working correctly. I’m having a little problem with auto-populating the TIMESTAMPRead More

Weekblog: Day 1

I didn’t get as far as I had hoped to tonight, due to a variety of distractions – it was an impressive list of “things that get in the way of previous plans” (Work actually had work for me to do, then a stop by the Mosaic work site to check on some supplies, thenRead More

Weekblog: Day 0

Just quick update on this. Last night I did get some coding time in after blog-posting. The fix this time was a problem with Create Registrant that was throwing SQL errors all over the place. Turns out I never actually completed writing the DAO for the Registrant data object, and the create() method was brokenRead More

So… shiny…

So, 3 days I’ve had my iPhone now, and I tell ya, it’s hard to put down. So hard I’ve had a hard time finding time to write to the blog about how much I’m enjoying it. Here’s a couple highlights of my first, realistically, 2.25 days with the phone. It’s a black 16gig iPhoneRead More