How we do things in Academia

This is a story I head last weekend when a friend was visiting. I’ve changed some of the particulars, to preserve privacy… Our school landed a great post-doc student – we were able to lure him away from a well known college into our program, and things were going swimmingly. Unfortunately, Princeton University had theirRead More

Fun with Server Uptimes

At ${dayjob}, we were doing a system audit when an alarm came up on a pair of servers we rarely had any interraction with. One of our new monitoring tools was showing these servers were not answering correctly, and should be investigated. Investigate I did, and found… four machines in a full sized rack thatRead More

Lovely Listings…

I think Lovely Listings is my new favorite blog. Someone is collecting awful pictures from real estate listings and posting them, with great commentary. Chalk out an hour to get caught up. There’s some doozies in there. Updated to fix broken URL. Sorry!

The Language Umbrella

What happens when there’s a rampant conversation going on on a geek channel? It’s time for Umbrella Metaphors. “If a language were used to make an umbrella, what would it look like?” Naturally, there were several suggestions for certain languages. – PHP umbrella is made of ragged pieces of duct tape – VB umbrella isRead More