Fourth Amendment totebag!

This has been all over Livejournal, but folks in the blogger world should definately check this out. Tired of your civil rights being trampled? At least let people know there -IS- a constitutional law that bans the types of illegal searches going on nowadays in New York and in Boston. Pick yourself up a FourthRead More

“This is for your own good.”

Saw this tale of lost freedom referenced all over the place in Livejournal, I’m passing it on. This, my friends, is where we’re headed. Not only are you being searched illegally, the ‘arbitrary’ nature of the searches puts you under the whim of the searcher. If they don’t like something you have, not for anyRead More

I have to echo Mr Byrd.

When the Bushies were pushing for an all out offensive against Iraq, Senator Byrd, in the congressional debate, kept using the phrase ‘Why now?’ – to ask the administration why it was so critical that the US attack Iraq immediately. The answer back from the administration was that Iraq posed an ‘immediate threat’ to theRead More

Satire at its best…

This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time…. FAFBLOG: Well Dr. James Dobson it has been a while since we had our last interview an in between the Ban Gay Marriage Amendment Amendment failed. How you been since then? JAMES DOBSON: Just terrible, Fafnir. Because of the weakness and corruptionRead More

MyDoom and the ‘Liberal Media’

I’m pretty tired of hearing constant yammerings from the right about how ‘liberal’ the media is and that ‘the new york times is just the mouthpiece of the Democratic party’. What utter crap. In a brilliant show about just how lopsided the media is, I refer my happy readers to this article from Reuters whereinRead More