Day 2 of self-employment

Yoinkin yimminies. This week (Thu and Fri) I was not at Intuit, working on my own things at home. A lot of setup and prep work, but I’ve gotten things done that have really been just -hanging- around for ages.

The biggest was getting my room into some sort of order. I have a nice desk up here now, quiet space, a comfy chair, and a decent workstation set up (my IBM Thinkpad T20 running Linux, docked and hooked up to a big monitor).
I also made the jump to Ximian Evolution for my mail client. I guess all that time at Intuit and running the wonderous Microsoft Outlook day in and day out rubbed off, because Evolution is, in look and feel, a lot like Outlook. Cept it works. And doesnt’ spew viruses everywhere. And isn’t a Microsoft product (see points 1 and 2).
Aaaaanyway, it has let me focus more on Stonekeep work, which means things like closing a contract on a client (YAY!), and poking the other clients to get off their duffs and get me some information.
On the flipside, I’m doing something sort of fun. Planet GEEK! and my Livejournal don’t get updated often enough mainly because I don’t have the crossposting thing working, and I don’t like cutting and pasting things from one to the other. Frequently I want to post the same thing in both places. Zo, I’m working on something called ‘bcpanel’ for Blog Control panel, which’ll let me log into both LJ and MT blogs in one screen, type a new entry, and with a couple checkboxes, control if it’ll post to LJ, the MT blog, or send in email. Should be fun, the baseline screen design is done, and I’ve tested the XMLRPC chitchat to both services, and they work, so just need to code some more. This natch isn’t very high priority right now, but would be nice.
Anyway, nuff brain dump. Off to hang out with the adults tonight.


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