A strange but good evening.

Wow, what an interesting evening.
Tonight Catya, (and I don’t know everyone elses LJ link, ya’ll can deal) Ted, Zach, Sarah and I all went into Cambridge for dinner, in prep for going drumming later on.

I was sort of out of it, not feeling particularly ‘be out and in a crowded city’ mode, but I had had a nice 1/2 day working on CONGO code, and managed to get in a short (maybe 1 hour) nap this afternoon (that’s a story in itself. I lay down in Zach’s room while he was playing there. Cat zonked out in her bed as well, and for 2 hours, Zach was pretty much on his own. I drifted in and out, but I was -definately – asleep for a solid 1/2 hour at one point. Neat.)
Anyway, we drove in to Harvard Square and were originally going to go to Fire and Ice, but even at 5pm, without reservations, there was a 1/2 hour to 45 minute wait. Nuts to that. Walking next door, we happened upon the Border Cafe , which said they could seat us immediately. Sold!
Holy cow was that good. I wasn’t up for ‘ethnic food’ for the evening, but I can always make exceptions for Mexican food, and MAN was this good. I also was apparently mighty hungry, since i wolfed down some tasty spicy chicken, then chowed an entire plate of enchiladas. Well, my mood improved dramatically. Yay!
On to drumming. This is a monthly drum and dance group that meets in a church in Cambridge, and this was the first time I had gone. I was in the mood to do some drum-circle drumming, and this turned out to be a great group. Perhaps 40 drummers and 25 dancers, with 20 or so drummers going at any given time. My hands were sore inside an hour, but I stuck it out through 10:15 or so when I had to stop. I did borrow a cowbell for a while, and that made things round out well, but all in all, very very pleasant.
I think I’ll go again 🙂


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